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Recent Event Photos

Hosted by Natural Resources Trust of Easton. Sponsored by North Easton Savings Bank and the Mass Cultural Council (amongst many others).

Recent Event Photos

Hosted by Belmond's Wish at Maplewood Country Day Camp, supporting MESA and MOMS Club of Easton.


Recent Event Photos

Hosted by Easton Shovel Town Cultural District, Oakes Ames Memorial Hall, and Easton Community Access Television, with generous support by Mass Cultural Council and Easton Cultural Council.

Photography puts LIFE in FOCUS.

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I love photography.

Photography gives me a moment to focus and be one with the person, place or thing that I am capturing. It is a place of zen for me—to live, for a moment, inside that lens and capture those moments in between life. When I am looking through the camera capturing another person's memory, I get to think about how to show them their moments from a different perspective they simply cannot get without a photograph. It’s beautiful to get to show someone how they look in their experience from the outside. To produce an image that conjures up emotions is a gift I'm grateful to have the opportunity to give.

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