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Meet Nicole of Spotted Photography

Nicole Owens is a North Easton, MA based Lifestyle Photographer serving the Boston area and all of Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and New England, specializing in Natural Light Portraits, Maternity Photos, Newborn Lifestyle Photography, Children Milestones, Family Portraits, Engagement Photos, and Lifestyle Photography.

Why I'm Here

As far back as I can remember, I’ve been intrigued by photography. As a kid, I always kept a box of my family's printed photos nearby as I knew if anything ever happened to them, they could not be replaced. In my mind they were my most valuable possession. Each photo represents a moment in time that will never happen exactly like that again.

Photos can bring so much to the viewer—joy, sorrow, nostalgia, a laugh, a warm smile, a tugging of a heart string—transporting you to a captured moment. It’s a memory outside of the mind, even if it’s not our own memory. An image truly is worth 1000 words.


We are lucky to live in a time when photography is all around us. It’s so easily accessible for both taking and viewing not only our own photos, but other people’s as well. Because of this, photography can feel both exhilarating and overwhelming. Add to that the social pressure to make your photos ultra-presentable and it can turn this wonderful art-form into a stress mess. And that's where I can help. I'm here to freeze a few moments in time where you are comfortable to let your authentic self shine through.

Why Now

As we all know, life shifted globally in 2020. With that shift, my little family took the opportunity to move from San Francisco, where I lived for 9 years, back to Massachusetts where I grew up. I left my RN role (for now) to get my pandemic baby settled into our new home and be with our loved ones who had yet to meet him. As we finalized the decision for me to take time away from the bedside, we realized it created space for me to explore something new.

We went down the rabbit hole with my innate love of capturing moments. My husband encouraged me to take my passion for photography (and my embarrassingly large collection of photos) to the next level (and not just onto a bigger hard drive). So here we are, breathing life into a new business.

With Spotted Photography, I hope to bring some calm, some authenticity, and some (strategically placed) light to those who need it, as well as a bit of humor and maybe a few poorly-timed photography puns. My goal is to spot those candid moments in between posed pictures to find the true warmth, beauty and happiness underneath it all.


Why work with me?

I want you to feel that I am here to find the love, warmth, and connection in all your moments.

It’s one thing to take a beautiful photo, it’s another to capture a feeling that you can allow to wash over you whenever you look at it.

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